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Renting Vs. Buying A Home In Canada

For many people, the ultimate dream is to own their own home. It comes with great benefits like building equity by owning an asset that will often appreciate over a given time. That being said, many people prefer the low commitment of rental properties and the increased financial freedom it affords them. What do you need to know about renting versus buying a home in Canada? Before you call the

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Property Management Essentials

Are you in the market to entrust your rental property to a property management service? Many landlords and property owners have little desire to manage the day-to-day necessities that renting requires. This is where property management companies come into play—but how do you choose which one is the right fit for you and your tenants? If you want to take the headache out of owning rental properties and only reap

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What Are The Property Owner’s Responsibilities Regarding Landscaping?

Rental properties can have complex rules regarding the property owner’s responsibility for keeping the place in good shape. While some things like appliance repair are cut and dry, some aspects of home maintenance are a little less clear. Landscaping is one of the areas where there may be some confusion about what responsibilities the property owner has versus the tenant.  To ensure you’re not on the hook for landscaping, here

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Winnipeg Property Management Company Opens New Location

WINNIPEG, MB: Premier Property Solutions Inc., a top-rated real estate management company, is opening a new office in 2023 at D-194 Osborne Street.  Their previous location was at 863 Elm Street in River Heights. The team at Premier Property Solutions is looking forward to being part of the Osborne community. The company decided to move locations to accommodate its growing team and better serve its clients across Winnipeg.  Osborne Village

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How To Set Rental Rates On A Single Family Home, Duplex, Or Triplex

Looking to rent out a specific property? Perhaps you have a single-family home, or you’re looking into renting out a duplex or triplex. The point is you’re looking for the best way to profit off of your real estate investment and want to understand the benefits of each type of property and how to set proper rental rates.  For more information, we’ll be going over everything you need to consider:

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Is Real Estate A Good Investment?

If you’re looking for investment opportunities that can help you turn a profit, investing in real estate can provide you with multiple options. While some people may consider stocks a reliable alternative, you don’t have much control over the companies they invest in. With real estate, investors have the potential to do a lot more with their property; they can buy, sell, rent, or lease their real estate and generate

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